My first step

Who am I ? I'm a 42 years old man who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. I don't like to use the term "suffer" because I want to see a positive future in this event but we will have time to discuss it further. So I'm also a dad of a fabulous young little girl of 3 years old and an husband of fabulous women since 2012. We live in the suburbs of Montreal, Canada. I'm a police officer and an ex-paramedic. I've serve for 11 years as a paramedic before changing careers and fulfilling a childhood dream. I am proud of how far I have come despite the negative public opinion of the current police. And when you read this text are able to say that I am a francophone. May be YES ! But that's the plan. I want to improve it !!

Our greatest passion is travel so a lot of text will be dedicated to it. We also have a travel trailer to allow us to enjoy outdoors here or elsewhere. As you have read we are a new family of three and we are still learning the benefits of being outside so often. Everyday life goes so fast that we have to take time to slow down and these are our means.

But what I will talk about in this blog. Several subjects will be discussed such as travel, family travel, the outdoors, fitness, mental health and more... Give me time to figure all this out and I promise to discuss with you on multiple subjects of daily life. I have so many ideas to share and discuss with you but let's take our time.

I hope that these few words will capture your attention for the future

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