What has COVID left as a legacy

At the beginning I had a speech saying " let's see we don't take away one year of your 80 years old life" and now I realize the damage left this complete cessation of life in society. I realize so much. YES taking one year is hard. Be isolated from our families and friends was terribly hard on morale and our relationships. Not to mention the interpersonal socialization which deteriorated at a rapid rate. People were impatient, arrogant and without any tolerance. It looks an incredible magnitude in my thoughts. I'm having a particularly difficult time and I have to isolate myself yet it's the opposite that I should have done. With this introspection I realize how important the community is to me. This blog is the first step towards this community. For me community is largely beyond the common points. We are HUMAN without differences. We all have primary needs to fulfill. Just love each other. Act with respect. Find our true values not those imposed by society.

This COVID thing opened my eyes to us humans and our relationships. Let's enjoy the present moment with the people we love. Enjoyed every little moment of happiness on a daily basis. And please TAKE TIME to do the thing you love. Be a better human everyday. We never stop but now it's time to have a deep reflection on the subject.

What do you think of this way of seeing things ?


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