About me

Who Am I ?

I don't know which social segment I belong to  but I have a very normal sedentary life.  We have a toddler routine and we will seek our taste for adventure at another times. I am 42 years old and I have been working in the emergency sector since the beginning of 2000s.  I started as a paramedic because of my father and I did this job for 11 years.  At the time he was the CEO of urgences-santé, the most important company in Quebec for the region covering Montreal and Laval. I had the opportunity to discover this profession through extraordinary people. I was a little lost at the time and it directly affected my human values that I was looking for. It was a revelation for me and I began in late 2002.  Quickly I was disappointed with the poor working conditions and I turned to a childhood dream : be a police officer.  I found that they had a nice community approach and that they had the possibility to act in very difficult social situations unlike the paramedics where I could only restrict myself to established protocols. So I finished school in 2009 and I went to the police school in 2011. Two weeks before my graduation my father-in-law died.  He was supposed to give me my diploma as a retired police officer. It was a difficult graduation filled with sadness.  But I'm still in the police force since 2012.

I met my wife in 2012 and yes, she is also in the police force. Working shifts are difficult in the profession and an external person has difficulty understanding this issue.  The pit dug by the media between the police and the population leaves a bitter taste to a new meeting.  We immediately fell in love.  We had the same values and we had the same passions until today.  Why the police today have such a bad reputation when they are an important social actor.  We will, may be, discuss it eventually.  So we had a wonderful baby girl through our history and we decided to have only one in order to continue living our dreams and better transmit this heritage to her.

What happened to me at the end of 2020 that will change my life forever.  An important Post traumatic syndrome disease.  It has completely changed my perception not only of life but also of my actions and thoughts.  Do these calls that are harsh generate emotions and we have to deal with them ? Nobody ever told me about it before. So this is where I am.

What brings me the passion to travel and the outdoors ? What brings me physical training and constantly moving ? Does this help my recovery ? And does writing allow me to let these emotions evacuate ? I want my readers to be full of emotions through my texts. I'm a newbie but I trust that you will share your positive experiences with me. 

For furthwer adventures was born because the benefits of being in nature are so positive for mental and physical health that I decided to share them with you.